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Eddycrest Designs and Builds Sewing Furniture, games boards and Custom Furniture out of their shop in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada. The majority of products are built using Baltic Birch, finished with water-based products before being shipped across North America. The designs provide the customer attractive, functional and ergonomic pieces built for years of enjoyment while utilizing safe, sustainable building practices. Near perfect material utilization,  built to order inventory management and emphasis on recycling  limits the waste in the product life cycle.

Stockist Agreement

Please read through to understand the responsibilities expected for your store as the final step to becoming an Eddycrest Sewing Furniture distributor.

Retailer partner/catalogue store agreement

Last Edited June 6, 2017

I, the store, acknowledge that by agreeing to the terms of conditions, I am entitled to sell Eddycrest Furniture and promote their products along with my store. To benefit as a wholesale partner, I must maintain and display our purchased Eddycrest Sewing Furniture in a like-new condition as to best reflect my store and the products of Eddycrest. I have permission to use the logos and media provided to me by Eddycrest for the purpose of promoting products on my website, social media, in physical media or in our store. I have been provided this permission on the grounds that I do not release or share the wholesale pricing, or other privy information provided by Eddycrest's regarding their business practices, products or production procedures. Eddycrest shares all knowledge pertaining to the build process on a courtesy for distributors to understand the process and quality instilled into their Canadian-made products.

When in good standing as a Retail Partner, I will be rewarded by receiving wholesale pricing on Eddycrest Products. I will sell Eddycrest products for a fair margin understanding that Eddycrest will also be selling their products direct, through other wholesalers and Catalogue Stores. Eddycrest will sell their furniture at MSRP (Manufactured Suggested Retail Price) as outlined in the document, "Wholesale Pricing". Occassional sales and promotions may occur. I understand that the price may be adjusted by Eddycrest and that the retail price on will be the MSRP. Eddycrest will attempt to notify the stores through an email for pricing changes.  If by error, I am not notified of a price change and I am unaware of a price change, the updated price change will still be in affect. 

The initial piece of Eddycrest Sewing Furniture will be discounted to me if I select to participate as a Retail Partner. I know this is a one-time discount that applies only to the first piece of furniture. I may choose any piece of furniture from the Eddycrest Sewing Furniture line-up at the initial offering. All subsequent purchases will follow the pricing of the "Wholesale Pricing" document. I will be responsible for the assembly of the initial store piece of sewing furniture. This will help me to understand the assembly process to explain when customers are shopping for furniture. Eddycrest will be responsible for shipping all ordered and paid goods directly to the customer for the customer to assemble. My store as part of the Retail Partnership will also receive a sales kit to help educate my staff and customers.  I, the store, have the option to create a value added service through my store to offer in-home assembly. With this service, I may charge the customer a fair fee for in-home assembly of the furniture. Eddycrest does not insure the furniture past the sign-off by the customer with the chosen shipping company at the door of there home. Any defects due to manufacturing and shipping will be dealt with directly by the end customer with Eddycrest in a timely manner of receiving the goods. 

I have the option to discontinue my tenure as a Retail Partner at my will but I must notify Eddycrest. I must also notify Eddycrest if I fail to offer a piece of Eddycrest Sewing Furniture for customers to view. Eddycrest will remove my listing on the Dealer Locator page immediately upon notification. Abuse of the initial offering may forfeit future dealings with Eddycrest and their industry affiliates. Eddycrest also reserves the right to discontinue my stores services as a Retail Partner due to serial poor customer reviews. My store must be notified of any changes to its status.

For Catalogue Stores

I also have the option, as do all other brick and mortar stores, to choose to sell Eddycrest Furniture as a Catalogue Store. I must agree to the confidentiality terms above regarding the privy information provided by Eddycrest in regards to wholesale pricing. I acknowledge that I will receive a finders fee as outlined in the supporting document for my referral. I must ensure that my Store has been registered with Eddycrest so it is listed on the Eddycrest website for my customers to select when they check out (it is essential for Eddycrest customers to select the referral store upon check-out). An Eddycrest product catalogue will be provided to me once I have signed up as a Catalogue Store. Eddycrest will provide a cheque for all referrals through my store as orders are received.

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